Your warranty is for life. The responsibility is ours – all the way to the recycling container.



We are experienced textile craftsmen – and with pride! It is our full responsibility to secure compliance between the quality of product, and the standards & qualities requested by our customers.

UTG  “Full Quality Package”

  • style and fabric development
  • Pattern designing, fitting and sample production.
  • All manufacturing processes are done in our own factories
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Delivery to customers

UTG Garment Factories:

  • BSCI and sedex audited
  • Bangladesh production facilities are accord members and participating in ILO Better Work Program
  • Test orders and inline inspection are part of our production flow for all orders
  • All shipments are inspected according to 2,5 AQL before released for shipment
  • Our return rate is less than 1%

UTG Vendors:

  • All our vendors – Tier 1, 2 & 3 – are registered and approved in transparent UTG Vendor Mapping system
  • Our vendors follow Oekotex 100 standards, REACH and our customers’ restrictions
  • We run huge random physical and chemical testing programs with internal laboratories ensuring our products are matching our standards.