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To selected large European customers, UTG offers outstanding delivery of jersey products including design, production and logistics giving our customers documented opportunity for creating great value.

This requires UTG to be under constant development, in order to meet our customers’ expectations to price, design, quality and consistency of supply.


Focusing on our customers, employees, owners and the community, we wish to run a business where:

The customers

perceive us as a skilled and trustworthy partner who operates in a way that seems more uncomplicated than a department in the customer’s own organisation.


The employees

see themselves as responsible for creating our success – be they located in Denmark or abroad.


The owners

experience solid results for growth and earning.

The community

consider our actions proactive in relation to sustainable production as well as community and environment


UTG´s business foundation builds on the following principles:


Keep your promises

both to customers and colleagues. If you cannot keep your promises, inform the customer/colleague accordingly.


Help the customer

the customer is not always right – but the customer’s challenges are our challenges, and we must do everything to help the customer.


The golden rule

do unto others as you would have them do to you.


Best in the market

in everything we do, we will strive to be the best in the market.

Business acumen

Deals must be win-win

All business must be profitable, but short-term earnings must not be made at the expense of long-term customer relations.


Everybody is unique

both when it comes to customers and colleagues. We must treat everybody differently, in order to treat them equally.



1968 by the Møller family

Core competencies

The design and production of fashion tops for women


Unique designs and fast production, generating revenue for our customers


Own design department with a weekly output of more than 20 unique models and 1,200 samples

Delivery times

Four, six or eight weeks from concept to shelf


Otto Group, Zalando, Venus, Bestseller, LC waikiki Group and  more

Own factories

Ukraine and Turkey


From yarn to finished product


Delivery of more than six million items annually

Code of conduct

All processes and factories are BSCI certified